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Wegmann automotive tests Aculon’s Surface Energy Enhancer Wipes on Alcoa Dura-Bright™ wheel balancing

Usu­al­ly, wheels with shiny alu­minum coat­ing such as Alcoa Dura-Bright™, don’t have the desir­able adhe­sion to lead on the wheel bal­anc­ing process.

Aculon’s Sur­face Ener­gy Enhancer Wipes can improve this shear Adhe­sion between Alcoa Dura-Bright™ wheels and lead weights. (You can learn more about how Aculon’s Sur­face Ener­gy Enhancer Wipes can increase adhe­sion to sur­face in this arti­cle: Increase adhe­sion of wheel bal­anc­ing lead to Alcoa Dura-Bright™ wheels)

There­fore, Weg­mann auto­mo­tive, com­pa­ny leader on wheel bal­ance weights, sub­mit­ted Aculon’s Sur­face Ener­gy Enhancer Wipes to tests, and the results were very positive.


Wegmann automotive tests Aculon’s Surface Energy Enhancer Wipes on Alcoa Dura-Bright™ wheel balancing

The test fol­lowed spe­cif­ic con­di­tions in sam­ple preparation:

  • Con­di­tion the tape for a min­i­mum of 24 hours to con­trolled room tem­per­a­ture con­di­tion (23°C) before assem­bling samples.
  • Clean Alcoa Dura-Bright™ wheel sur­face using 100% Iso­propyl alco­hol and a paper tow­el. Allow wheel sur­face to dry (2–3 minutes).
  • Remove Acu­lon wipe from pack­ag­ing and rub back and forth over the wheel sur­face. Allow the sur­face to dry for 3 min­utes and then remove any remain­ing debris with a paper towel.

Aculon’s Surface Energy Enhancer Wipes increased shear adhesion compared to using no primer

Sam­ples were con­di­tioned with ther­mal shock, room tem­per­a­ture, and humid­i­ty. This ther­mal shock was per­formed man­u­al­ly by trans­fer­ring sam­ples from a freez­er set at ‑30°C to an oven set at 80°C repeat­ed­ly over 7 days.

In every sam­ple set test­ed, Aculon’s Sur­face Ener­gy Enhancer Wipes increased shear adhe­sion com­pared to using no primer.

When Aculon’s Sur­face Ener­gy Enhancer Wipes was used, the wheel sur­face present bet­ter bond with the weight and the tape. Also, tem­per­a­ture fluc­tu­a­tions and humid­i­ty did not cause any neg­a­tive reac­tion between the surface.

Aculon’s Sur­face Ener­gy Enhancer Wipes are the only solu­tion for sur­face treat­ment avail­able. Designed to increase the adhe­sion of lead, thus improve the wheel bal­anc­ing process.

Vis­it CAPLINQ.COM to learn more about Aculon’s Sur­face Ener­gy Enhancer Wipes. You can also con­tact us if you have any fur­ther questions.

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