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Methacrylate Functional Adhesion Promoter

Harmonization Code : 2901.10.00.00 |   Acyclic hydrocarbons; Saturated
Main features
  • Enhances the adhesive capabilities of a surface
  • Can solve problematic adhesion issues
  • Easy to apply

Product Description

Aculon, a proven supplier of industrial-grade coatings, introduces their patented Methacrylate Functional Adhesion Promoter. Aculon's Methacrylate Functional Adhesion Promoter is easy to apply and will enhance your surface's adhesive capabilities. Aculon’s Primers are easy to apply and can solve problematic adhesion issues. Also, their actives can be blended into existing formulations for increased surface adhesion of coatings and adhesives.

Advantages of Aculon's Methacrylate Functional Adhesion Promoter

  • Eliminate Adhesive Failures
  • Tunable Wetting Properties for Adhesives and Coatings
  • Monolayer to Multilayer thicknesses 1-2 nm up to multi-nanometers (nm) thicknesses
  • Uniform Thicknesses at the Nanoscale
  • Optically Clear (100% transmission for Visible Light)
  • Easy to Apply: Dip, Wipe, Print, Roll-Coat or Spray
  • Minimal Capital Equipment Requirements
  • Apply in Minutes - Room Temperature cure in



Application of Aculon's Methacrylate Functional Adhesion Promoter


Step 1: Clean

Parts Must be sufficiently clean prior to treatment for proper bonding and effective application.


Step 2: Primer

Option – Dip
Apply Aculon Adhesion Promotion Surface Treatment via dip bath for 30 seconds to fully treat parts with a uniform treatment ensuring even coverage over entire part. Aculon Primers comes in convenient 1L or 4L quantities for dipping applications.

Option - Wipe Apply Aculon Adhesion Promotion Surface Treatment via a simple wiping process. Using a clean cloth, wipe the treatment across the surface in a buffing motion.

Option - Spray Spray the solution onto the substrate using double passes. Post-application curing is recommended for best performance.
Spray Equipment Suggestions:

  • HVLP (Binks Mach 1), HVLP (Devilbiss JGHV), Air Atomization (Devilbiss MBC gun) and Airless (Graco Model 225-292 President Pump Series A).


Step 3: Apply your coating on top of the primer

Product Family
Methacrylate Functional Adhesion Promoter-Series  
1l glass bottle 240ml Bottle ( 1l 905 Specialty Cleaner)

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