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NanoClear Test Pen

Harmonization Code : 3405.90.90.00 |   Polishes and creams, for footwear, furniture, floors, coachwork, glass or metal, scouring pastes and powders and similar preparations; Other; Other
Main features
  • Best-in-class stencil treatment technology
  • Simple and effective test
  • No training required

Product Description

Pay attention! It is only possible to order a test pen in combination with an order of Nanoclear® Wipes. For each purchase of 20 wipes, it is possible to order a test pen.

Aculon® NanoClear® Test Pen technology enables a simple and effective test for the proper application of Aculon® NanoClear® stencil treatment.

Benefits of Aculon's NanoClear® Test Pen

  • Confirm effective application & continued presence of Aculon® NanoClear® Stencil Treatment
  • Fast and effective results
  • No capital equipment
  • Easy to apply

Aculon NanoClear Test Pen Instructions

How to use Aculon NanoClear Test Pen:

  1. Important Points for reliable results
    • Do not touch or contaminate surface prior to testing.
    • Discard contaminated test pens.
    • Use a “Fresh” test pen. NanoClear Test pens are good for 6 months from production date.
    • Never re-test the same location. Move along the sample or test a new area.
    • Store Aculon NanoClear® Test Pen.
  2. Place stencil on clean, level surface. Ensure stencil is at room temperature.
  3. Draw test pen across stencil surface to be tested. Make three passes 6 evaluate the third pass only. See below for how to interpret the results.
  4. Clean the test area with IPA or DI water and a clean room wipe prior to using the stencil.

    How to interpret the results:

    Aculon NanoClear® surface: If the third ink swath beads up, tears apart, or shrinks into a thin line then this surface has the Aculon NanoClear® fluxophobic coating on the surface.

    Untreated Surface: If the third ink swath remains wetted out line appears) on the test sample for three seconds or more then this surface does not have the Aculon NanoClear® fluxophobic coating on the surface. Apply NanoClear Fluxophobic stencil treatment.

Product Family
NanoClear-Test Pen  
Test Pen

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