NanoClear Fluxophobic Stencil Treatment Wipes

Harmonization Code : 3405.90.90.00 |   Polishes and creams, for footwear, furniture, floors, coachwork, glass or metal, scouring pastes and powders and similar preparations; Other; Other
Main features
  • Best-in-class stencil treatment technology
  • Better quality printing
  • Reduce underside cleaning

Product Description

Aculon NanoClear® is the best-in-class stencil treatment technology that improves print quality, increases efficiency, lowers total costs and enhances printing with small apertures. By using NanoClear, your stencil will repel flux.

It is a cost-effective solution that is easily (no capital equipment) and quickly (<5 minutes) applied, which leads to a durable treatment that can reduce paste transfer, flux bleed, and solder ball transfer.

Advantages of Aculon's NanoClear®


  • Reduce underside cleaning
  • Treats sensitive apertures
  • Treats aperture walls
  • Increased print reliability
  • Improve first-pass yield
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Technical Specifications

Additional Information

How to Enhance NanoClear Durability

NanoClear is very chemical and abrasion-resistant, but coarse under-wipe papers designed for uncoated stencils can scratch the coating of the foil over an extended period of time.

• Softer papers are more effective at cleaning stencils and preserving the thin coating. 

• Extending the frequency of under-wiping helps limit the abrasion, and is a benefit that NanoClear affords its users.

• Solvent wipe provides lubrication to decrease the abrasion of the wiper textile.

• Higher wiper pressures will increase the abrasion of the wiper textile.

• pH neutral, or pH9 will attack both wipe-on and spray-on coatings.

• Any signs of wear will first be visible at the end of the under-wipe stroke, where flux gets left behind on the stencil.