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Store electrical charges


Capacitors are used to store electrical charges and can supress electrical noise and voltage spikes, smoothing any severe voltage fluctuations in the system.

They are constructed by two conducting, typically aluminum, plates separated by a dielectric such as plastic, paper, mica film, ceramic and even vacuum.

Their ability to charge and store charge allows timed circuits to delay electronic devices from turning on or off. This charging capacity can keep a circuit operating for a certain period of time after it has been shut down. Other than energy storage they can be used for power conditioning and correction, supression and coupling, sensing, oscilalting and more. Nowadays it is very hard to find any electrical product without one type of capacitor or another.


Epoxy molding compounds for Capacitors

Product Key Feature
Hysol GR 2220
Designed for molding of MnO based tantalum capacitors; Lower cost; High productivity
Hysol GR 2310
Standard material designed for tantalum and niobium capacitors using MnO
Hysol GR 2320  
Hysol GR 2330  
Hysol GR 2710
Low stress; Designed for auto-molding of polymer and aluminium capacitors
Hysol GR 2720  
Hysol GR 600
Low moisture absorption;high reliability for aluminum capacitors
Hysol GR 2811
Ultra-low stress; High crack resistance for automolding of conductive polymer especially with thin wall
Hysol GR 2812
Up to MSL3; Low ESR; Low leakage; Low stress
Hysol GR 2820
Low ESR; Low leakage; Low stress; Suitable for conductive polymer tantalum capacitors
Hysol GR 2822
Up to MSL3; Low ESR; Low leakage; Low stress;

All products are "Green"


Epoxy Coating Powders for capacitors


DK18-05: An Industry Standard for Passive Electronic Components

Used for years for passive electronics, DK18-05 continues to fill a need with customers who are not yet ready to make the move to “environmentally green” products. Due to its wide processing window, DK18-05 can be manually dipped or automatically dipped into a fluidized bed. Though it is recommended for passive electronics, due to its versatile nature, DK18-05 is also used for (magnetic) cores, and other components. DK18-05 is available in blue, gold, green and black colors.


DK40 GR: Halogen-Free for Passive Electronic Components

DK40 GR is available in both Blue and Gold and is the next-generation epoxy coating powder for passive electronic components. Formulated as an “environmentally green” product, it is a halogen-free material, which means it has been formulated without bromine, antimony, or phosphorous additives. Launched in 2012 into the European market, it is being evaluated by all major passive electronic manufacturers.