PIT3S-RL | 3-mil Polyimide (Kapton) Tape with Silicone adhesive on Release liner

Harmonization Code : 3919.90.80.99 |   Polyacrylic plates / sheets / film / tape / strip, self-adhesive, in rolls
Main features
  • 3 mil polyimide film
  • Silicone adhesive
  • >15000V breakdown voltage

Product Description

LINQTAPE™ PIT3S-RL is a high-temperature resistant polyimide tape designed for both permanent and temporary bonding in many high temperature applications. These applications can be found in semiconductor, smart card, electronic, automotive and general manufacturing industries.

LINQTAPE™ PIT3S-RL Tape provides an excellent balance of electrical, mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties over a wide range of temperatures. It can be used in applications that may see temperatures up to 260°C (500°F) and has a 180°C insulation class.

LINQTAPE™ PIT3S-RL Tape comes in 33 meter (36 yard) rolls of varying widths. LINQTAPE PIT-S polyimide films with silicone adhesive are available in a range of thicknesses, starting from 0,5 mil (12.7µm) thickness and up. Custom thicknesses are available upon request.


Product Family
50 mm 508 mm
33 m

Catalog Product

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Technical Specifications

General Properties
Adhesive Layer
Adhesive Layer
A layer that is applied to one surface or both to bind items together and resist their separation
Adhesive Thickness
Adhesive Thickness
Adhesive thickness indicates the thickness of an adhesive layer.

It refers to the adhesive thickness of a single side so for double sided tapes it always needs to be multiplied.
38.1 µm
Film Thickness
Film Thickness
Film thickness is the thickness of a backing film without taking into account any coatings or adhesive layers. It is measured in micron and the conversion factor to mil is 0.039.
76.2 µm
Release Liner
Release Liner
A paper or plastic-based film sheet used to prevent a sticky surface from prematurely adhering
Special Layer Polyimide
Total Thickness
Total Thickness
Total thickness is taking into account all the films, coatings, adhesives, release liners and special layers and is the maximum thickness of a film or tape.
114.3 μm
Mechanical Properties
Adhesion Strength
Adhesion Strength
Adhesion is the bond strength measurement of a coating to a substrate. When an adhesive is bonded to an item or surface, numerous physical, mechanical and chemical forces come into play, which may have an effect on each other.
25 Oz/in
Elongation is the process of lengthening something.

It is a percentage that measures the initial, unstressed, length compared to the length of the material right before it breaks.

It is commonly referred to as Ultimate Elongation or Tensile Elongation at break.
60 %