A6165 | Electrical conductivity Enhancer

Main features
  • Improves electrical conductivity
  • Soluble in most resin systems
  • May improve thermal conductivity

Product Description

A-6165 is a soluble, proprietary additive that on addition to a conductive adhesive formulation can significantly decrease the volume resistivity of the cured material. A-6165 is recommended for use as an additive in combination with metal fillers (e.g. silver or Ag coated Cu) to further decrease volume resistivity in electrically conductive adhesive compositions. The bulk of the conductivity comes from the silver flake in the adhesive. However, by our calculations, the A6165 further reduced the volume resistivity 200x when added to the adhesive mixture and thermally cured.

The recommended addition level of the A- 6165 to a metal-filled adhesive formulation is less than or equal to about 1% by weight of the formulation’s total resin content. Higher levels of the A-6165 can degrade the adhesion of the composition and do not necessarily further reduce volume resistivity. Addition of less than about 0.5% of by weight A-6165 to the resin base will not yield optimum electrical performance. The best electrical results are obtained when the resin system attains a gel point at or slightly above 160°C. Lower cure temperatures are usually insufficient to activate the A-6165. 

Product Family
20gr Jar

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Technical Specifications

Additional Information

A-6165 is a soluble palladium compound that is blended into the adhesive. The solubility of the material allows it to disperse effectively and place palladium throughout the otherwise dielectric organic fraction of the adhesive.
At temperatures > 165ºC during thermal curing, the A-6165 compound breaks down to from conductive elemental palladium and the organic portion of the molecules free radically reacts to bond into the organic matrix.
The elemental palladium provides additional conductive pathways through the adhesive decreasing the volume resistivity of the adhesive.
The appearance and consistency of the A-6165 are similar to black tar which can make it difficult to remove from very small containers.  We typically package the material in 50 g straight-walled plastic jars but that is a large purchase for an initial evaluation. In general, we would not suggest purchasing less than 10 g to ensure you can remove sufficient material for several evaluations.