Bi58Sn42 on 13" Tape & Reel

Harmonization Code : 8001.20 |   Unwrought tin: Tin alloys
Main features
  • Bi58Sn42 on 13inch Tape & Reel
  • Suitable for BGA and flip chip packaging techniques
  • Compatible with almost all existing pick and place feeders

Product Description

LINQALLOY Bi58Sn42 solder spheres on 13" Tape & Reel

Caplinq is pleased to offer Bi58Sn42 solder spheres on a 13 inch Tape and Reel. Our SAC305 solder sphere product offering includes lead-free and lead-tin solder spheres ranging in diameter from 60 to 890 micron.

When using solder spheres in integrated circuits (IC’s) the production process can require a very precise amount and placement of the solder material. IC’s are made in high volumes through an automated process and the different components that are part of the IC are placed using a pick and place machine. Examples of packaging techniques that use solder spheres in the production of IC’s are ball grid arrays (PBGA, CBGA, TBGA and µBGA) and flip chips (C4).

To be able to use our solder spheres in these high volume, automated processes we can package your solder spheres on tape and reel. Our tape and reel solder spheres can be used on almost all existing pick and place tape feeders, which means you can keep using your existing pick and place equipment to ensure your solder material is placed with the right speed and precision. Our tapes and reel packaging service is available for all solder sphere sizes. If you don't see the solder sphere size you require, please contact us to request a quote.

Product Family
0.300 mm 0.500 mm
40 kpcs

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