BMI-3000 J Bismaleimide (Imide Extended) in Powder Form

Harmonization Code : 2925.19.95.90 |   Carboxyimide-function compounds (including saccharin and its salts) and imine-function compounds : Imides and their derivatives; salts thereof : Other : Other : Other
Main features
  • Superior thermal stability
  • High adhesion to various substrates
  • Hydrophobic toughener

Product Description

BMI-3000 J is a bismaleimide oligomer that exhibits excellent flexibility and, on cure, forms very tough, hydrophobic polyimides. BMI-3000 J has been processed specifically to limit the content of species < 1,000 daltons to less than 1% by weight making registration easier in some countries. The material has excellent low pH hydrolytic resistance and thermal stability. As an additive, it can improve rheological properties by increasing the thixotropic properties of a liquid monomer composition. This feature, in turn, can help to reduce resin bleed out on a variety of surfaces. It is soluble in most aromatic and aliphatic solvents such as toluene, xylene, NMP, etc. It can be processed in a resin system as a solid or dissolved in a solvent.

BMI-3000 J is recommended for use as an additive to increase flexibility, hydrophobicity, and thixotropy. It has excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates. When used as a base resin, it can produce films that are tough, flexible and demonstrate good peel strength.

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BMI-3000 J  
1kg Jar
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Technical Specifications

General Properties
Appearance at room temperature.
Light yellow powder
Functionality 2
Molecular weight 3000 g/mol
Thermal Properties
Decomposition Temperature >400 °C
Operating Temperature 180 °C
Melting Temperature
Melting temperature 80 °C
Other Properties
Storage Temperature 25 °C