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CS-697 | Polyglycidyl Ether Cyclosiloxane

Main features
  • Low viscosity
  • Compatible with organic resins
  • For formulating adhesives

Product Description

CS-697 is a polyglycidyl ether cyclosiloxane monomer. The structure above shows a representation of the predominant component. Low viscosity and low color make it ideal for formulating adhesives. This resin is very compatible with most organic resins.

CS-697 is a colorless multifunctional monomer with low epoxy equivalent weight and low chloride that is thermally stable and non yellowing when exposed to UV.

Product Family
1kg Jar

Catalog Product

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Technical Specifications

General Properties
Appearance at room temperature.
Colorless liquid
Molecular weight 697 g/mol
Physical Properties
Viscosity is a measurement of a fluid’s resistance to flow.

Viscosity is commonly measured in centiPoise (cP). One cP is defined as
the viscosity of water and all other viscosities are derived from this base. MPa is another common unit with a 1:1 conversion to cP.

A product like honey would have a much higher viscosity -around 10,000 cPs-
compared to water. As a result, honey would flow much slower out of a tipped glass than
water would.

The viscosity of a material can be decreased with an increase in temperature in
order to better suit an application
200 mPa.s