DMI-3850 | Low outgassing adhesive

Main features
  • UV Cure
  • Space applications
  • Virtually no outgassing

Product Description

DMI-3850 is a proprietary, UV-curable adhesive specially designed for space applications with a need for low/no VOC content and virtually no outgassing. DMI-3850 contains no photoinitiators or polymerization inhibitors that can contribute to weight loss issues. In its cured state DMI-3850 is a soft and rubber-like solid and is suitable for a number of applications as a cushioning/adhesive material for space applications. The material is solvent-free, very high flash point and not DG for transport. 
DMI-3850 is recommended for use as an adhesive in applications demanding low VOC and outgassing (e.g. space). DMI-3850 is self-reactive and does not require the use of a photoinitiator for UV curing. The amount of UV energy required to fully cure the material must be determined by the customer. Since the curing rate of DMI-3850 is slower than typical photoinitiator-cured materials it is suggested that curing take place in an air inhibited environment (e.g. inert gas atmosphere, between glass plates, etc.)
Product Family
1 liter Bottle

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Technical Specifications

General Properties
Appearance at room temperature.