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Dow Corning Toray SF-8421-EG Fluid

Main features
  • Epoxy Mold Compound (EMC) additive
  • Formulated for compatibility with EMC
  • Internal release agent for EMC

Product Description

An epoxidized silicone for epoxy molding compounds

Dow Corning Toray SF 8421 EG is an epoxy and polyether modified dimethylsiloxane. Used by all major epoxy molding compound (EMC) manufacturer's it's main purpose is to reduce stress and improve flowability of the mold compound.

Dow Corning SF 8421 EG is an epoxidized silicone

In many cases, epoxies and silicones do not work well together and often have compatibility issues. SF 8421 EG on the other hand is an epoxidized silicone. What this means basically is that unlike other silicones, SF 8421 EG is very compatible with both epoxies and silicones. As such, you can use SF 8421 EG in epoxy molding compounds to improve performance

The nomenclature of the products describes the product a bit as well. SF stands for "Silicone Fluid" and EG is for "Electronic Grade" - meaning that it can be used in electronic grade equipment and semiconductor devices.

Benefits of SF 8421 EG

There are many benefits of being able to combine a silicone and an epoxy into a single product. This allows you to combine the advantages of both epoxy and silicone and allows:

  • Provide an epoxy molding compound with internal release
  • Reduce epoxy mold compound stress
  • Improve the flowability of epoxy molding compound

Typically the SF 8421 EG is used in epoxy molding compound at about 0.3% to 0.5% by weight. Generally, you shoudl mix the SF 8421 EG into the silane, mix and blend until uniform. Afterwards, put the mixture into a funnel, stir & drip uniformly, it takes 5 to 10 minutes to perform this task.

Dow Corning SF 8421 EG is stable for up to 18 months at room temperature.

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