VCF-8S200K | LINQSTAT 8 mil - 200,000 Ω/sq Antistatic film

Harmonization Code : 3920.10.89.90 |  
Main features
  • 8 mil - 203um - 0.2mm
  • 200,000 ohms/sq Surface resistivity
  • Not volume conductive

Product Description

LINQSTAT VCF-8S200K is a black, carbon-filled, electrically conductive polyethylene plastic film designed to provide both physical and static protection. Having a surface resistance of 200,000 ohm-sq, (2x105 Ω-sq) it offers medium-level static protection which means it effectively avoids accumulation of electric charge on itself and the products which it protects. Its easy-grounding nature makes it ideal for packaging where electrostatic contamination is a problem. Please note that this film is only surface conductive and not volume conductive.

VCF-8S200K is useful in applications where the key is to balance cost versus performance. As a medium-level conductive plastic, the carbon-loading is such that it is low-enough to be cost-effective, while being high enough to meet the electrical requirements of military specification MIL-PRF-81705D Type II and MIL-P-82646A. It is typically used as an antistatic smartcard interleaver.

VCF-8S200K film and its conductivity are unaffected by humidity and age. The film is heat-sealable, flexible and offers exceptional abrasion resistance. The film gives good thermal stability and has outstanding chemical resistance. It has a standard thickness of 8mil(0.2mm) is available in sheeting, tubing, V-fold and C-fold versions. Roll lengths and widths vary depending on thickness and application.

Production batches from 2023 will have a Tolerance of ±50,000 ohms

Product Family
300 mm
46 m

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Technical Specifications

General Properties
Chemistry Type Carbon-Loaded PE
The color
Film Thickness 0.2 mm
Specific Gravity
Specific Gravity
Specific gravity (SG) is the ratio of the density of a substance to the density of a reference substance; equivalently, it is the ratio of the mass of a substance to the mass of a reference substance for the same given volume.

For liquids, the reference substance is almost always water (1), while for gases, it is air (1.18) at room temperature. Specific gravity is unitless.
Electrical Properties
Surface Resistivity 200000 Ohms/sq
Thermal Properties
Heat Sealing
Heat Distortion Temperature
Heat Distortion Temperature
The temperaturea t which a polymer or plastic sample deforms under a specified load
85 °C
Heat Seal Pressure 250 kPa
Heat Seal Temperature 100 °C
Heat Seal Time 3 sec
Heat Sealable Yes
Other Properties
RoHS Compliant
RoHS Compliant
RoHS is a product level compliance based on a European Union Directive which restricts the Use of certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS).

Products compliant with this directive do not exceed the allowable amounts of the following restricted materials: lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls (PBB) and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE), with some limited exemptions

Additional Information

In sheet form, LINQSTAT VCF, works as an antistatic plastic. For more sensitive pressure sensor applications, CAPLINQ recommends LINQSTAT XVCF-Series, which is a more-conductive series of polyethylene plastics. As an antistatic packaging plastic, it is also used as a antistatic interleaver for Smartcard (micromodule) applications to separate subsequent layers of smartcard chips in micromodule production. 


Product Applications

  • Protection and storage of static-sensitive components
  • Interleaf between rolls of Smartcard modules
  • Grounding Mats

Product Features and Benefits

  • Volume-conductive plastic
  • Black Opaque - Printable
  • Provides Anti-Static protection to electronics components
  • Groundable
  • Humidity independent conductivity
  • Meets military specification MIL-P-82646A

Chemical Susceptibility

  • Methanol: Resistant
  • Ethanol: Resistant
  • Isopropanol: Resistant
  • Weak Acids: Resistant
  • Ketones (Acetone): Slow Attack
  • Weak Alkalines: Slow Attack
  • Hydrocarbons: Non-Resistant

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VCF-80012S/2 VCF-8S200K/30CM-46M 30cm wide x 46m long