Harmonization Code : 3506.91.90.99 |   Prepared glues and other prepared adhesives, not elsewhere specified or included; products suitable for use as glues or adhesives, put up for retail sale as glues or adhesives, not exceeding a net weight of 1 kg ; Adhesives based on polymers of headings 3901 to 3913 or on rubber; Other ; Other
Main features
  • Snap cure
  • High flexibility
  • High speed print

Product Description

LOCTITE ABLESTIK ICP 8282 is an electrically conductive acrylate adhesive designed for applications where fast cure is required. This single component, snap cure material  is ideally suited for high throughput photovoltaic print processes and applications where high adhesion strength is required.

LOCTITE ABLESTIK ICP 8282 achieves low and stable contact resistance on noble metallisation during reliability testing. It has low silver content that reduces its density making it a very cost effective conductive material compared to similar fast cure products such as CA 3556HF. It is typically used for flexible interconnects in photovoltaic and solar panel shingle applications and also on stencil printing processes that need to print at high speeds and high volumes.


Snap Cure

  • 10 to 15 seconds @ 150°C
Product Family
55cc Syringe

Catalog Product

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Technical Specifications

General Properties
Shelf Life
Shelf Life
Shelf life is the amount of time after manufacturing that a product is guaranteed to retain its properties.

It differs vastly per product and it is based on temperature and storage conditions.

The properties can be guaranteed for the temperature and time range indicated on the TDS since those are the ones tested to be the best for the product.
Shelf Life @ -20°C 180 days
Specific Gravity
Specific Gravity
Specific gravity (SG) is the ratio of the density of a substance to the density of a reference substance; equivalently, it is the ratio of the mass of a substance to the mass of a reference substance for the same given volume.

For liquids, the reference substance is almost always water (1), while for gases, it is air (1.18) at room temperature. Specific gravity is unitless.
Physical Properties
Thixotropic index
Thixotropic index
Thixotropic Index is a ratio of a material s viscosity at two different speeds in Ambient temperature, generally different by a factor of ten.

A thixotropic material s viscosity will decrease as agitation or pressure is increased. It indicates the capability of a material to hold its shape. Mayonnaise is a great example of this. It holds its shape very well, but when a shear stress is applied, the material easily spreads.

It helps in choosing a material in accordance to the application, dispense method and viscosity of a material.
Viscosity is a measurement of a fluid’s resistance to flow.

Viscosity is commonly measured in centiPoise (cP). One cP is defined as
the viscosity of water and all other viscosities are derived from this base. MPa is another common unit with a 1:1 conversion to cP.

A product like honey would have a much higher viscosity -around 10,000 cPs-
compared to water. As a result, honey would flow much slower out of a tipped glass than
water would.

The viscosity of a material can be decreased with an increase in temperature in
order to better suit an application
28,400 mPa.s
Mechanical Properties
Shear strength
Shear Strength @25°C 17.65 N/mm2
Electrical Properties
Volume Resistivity
Volume Resistivity
Volume resistivity, also called volume resistance, bulk resistance or bulk resistivity is a thickness dependent measurement of the resistivity of a material perpendicular to the plane of the surface.
3.7x10-3 Ohms⋅cm

Additional Information

By applying a flat and thin 100-200um layer using JET dispensing or STENCIL printing (instead of one domed dot), we believe that the flow out and bleeding can be reduced by lower gravity forces.