Harmonization Code : 8001.20 |   Unwrought tin: Tin alloys
Main features
  • Sn91.5/Sb8.5 - Pb free 92A Alloy
  • Semiconductor die attach
  • Excellent dispense capabilities

Product Description

LOCTITE DA 100 is a dispensing grade solder paste intended for solder die-attach applications. It provides effective thermal control for copper leadframe power semiconductor devices, such as rectifiers, power transistors, and is suitable for automotive and consumer packages. Careful control of the atomisation process for production of solder powders for LOCTITE DA 100 solder pastes ensures that the solder paste produced meets the requirements of J-STD-005 for powder shape, size distribution, and alloy composition. It comes in various alloys but we only offer the 92A Lead free version.

LOCTITE DA 100 features low color residues that are resistant to charring in reflow. Residues are soft and designed to be easily removed in solvent or semi aqueous cleaning processes. Its vacuum mixing makes it ideal and reliable for dispensing processes. The extended pause time capability (±2 hours) along with the robust flux makes this an excellent choise for lead free die attach designs. 



Product Family
10cc EFD

No longer available

This product is no longer available or will become obsolete soon. Please contact us so we can recommend an alternative product.

Technical Specifications

General Properties
Alloy Type
Alloy Type
A metallic element type
Shelf Life
Shelf Life
Shelf life is the amount of time after manufacturing that a product is guaranteed to retain its properties.

It differs vastly per product and it is based on temperature and storage conditions.

The properties can be guaranteed for the temperature and time range indicated on the TDS since those are the ones tested to be the best for the product.
Shelf Life @ -20°C 365 days
Metal Loading
Tin (Sn) 85 %
Physical Properties
Viscosity is a measurement of a fluid’s resistance to flow.

Viscosity is commonly measured in centiPoise (cP). One cP is defined as
the viscosity of water and all other viscosities are derived from this base. MPa is another common unit with a 1:1 conversion to cP.

A product like honey would have a much higher viscosity -around 10,000 cPs-
compared to water. As a result, honey would flow much slower out of a tipped glass than
water would.

The viscosity of a material can be decreased with an increase in temperature in
order to better suit an application
300,000 mPa.s
Thermal Properties
Melting Temperature
Melting temperature 242 °C

Additional Information

Cartridges of LOCTITE DA 100 solder paste should be stored tip-downwards at ≤-18°C and have a shelf life of 365 days. Cartridges stored tip-down at 5 to 10°C have a shelf-life of 91days. Cartridges of solder paste require stabilization at room temperature before use for 1.5 to 2 hours on removal from cold storage. Once in use the paste cartridges have a floor life of 3 to 4 days at room temperature.


Solder Paste Typical Properties
Alloy: 92A
Powder Particle Size: 38 - 20um
Powder Size Coding: DAP
IPC Equivalent: Type 4
Metal Loading: 85 wt%
Brookfield Viscosity TF spindle @25°C: 300,000 mPa∙s
Alloy melting range:  239 to 246°C