Harmonization Code : 8001.20 |   Unwrought tin: Tin alloys
Main features
  • Cleaner
  • Solder paste processes
  • Manual and automatic operations

Product Description

LOCTITE MSC 01 high performance cleaning solution is developed for solder paste cleaning processes. This material can be used manually or with an automatic stencil underside wiper. It comes with reduced VOC and fast evaporation but keep in mind that it contains flammable alcohol. This cleaning product has high solvency and does not leave oily residues, reducing its environmental impact.

LOCTITE MSC 01 is recommended to be used for screen or stencil cleaning equipment but it is also suitable for printer automatic wipe systems, manual cleaning operations and reworking. It has good compatibility with acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, butyl rubber, epoxy adhesives, fiducial epoxies, natural rubber, nitrile rubber, nylon, polyurethane squeegees, polycarbonates, polyethylenes, polypropylenes, polytetrafluoroethylene, PTFE squeegees and SBR rubbers.

Product Family
5L Can

No longer available

This product is no longer available or will become obsolete soon. Please contact us so we can recommend an alternative product.

Technical Specifications

General Properties
Shelf Life
Shelf Life
Shelf life is the amount of time after manufacturing that a product is guaranteed to retain its properties.

It differs vastly per product and it is based on temperature and storage conditions.

The properties can be guaranteed for the temperature and time range indicated on the TDS since those are the ones tested to be the best for the product.
Shelf Life @ 25°C 365 days
Thermal Properties
Flash Point
Flash Point
The flashpoint of a solvent is the lowest possible temperature at which it can vaporize to form an ignitable vapor.

Flashpoint is often confused with “autoignition temperature”, which is the temperature at which a solvent ignites without an ignition source.
40 °C

Additional Information

Shelf life:
The stable formulation and components of LOCTITE MSC 01 ensure a minimum shelf life of 365 days in an unopened container.