MCN-T20 | Wax Conditioning Pellets

Main features
  • Wax Compound
  • Filling deep cavities
  • Transfer Molding

Product Description

MCN T20 is a Wax conditioning compound that can be applied via transfer molding. The continuous molding and curing of molding compounds accumulates residues on the metal surface of the mold, making it lose its release ability and causing the surface quality to decay as a result. It is an amazing solution for those that don't want to stop the production process at all. You clean with a few shots of transfer cleaning compounds, you condition with MCN T20 and you keep your production running literally 24/7.

MCN T20 Wax compound has good workability with minimal odor and exceptional fluidity. It is able to easily fill deep cavities with excellent wax emitting that spreads a thin and lasting layer of releasing agent  to help recover the release ability of the mold.

Product Family
14 mm
7.6 gr
10 kg

Catalog Product

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Technical Specifications

General Properties
Appearance at room temperature.
Gray Tablet
Filler Size Cut 75 µm
Specific Gravity
Specific Gravity
Specific gravity (SG) is the ratio of the density of a substance to the density of a reference substance; equivalently, it is the ratio of the mass of a substance to the mass of a reference substance for the same given volume.

For liquids, the reference substance is almost always water (1), while for gases, it is air (1.18) at room temperature. Specific gravity is unitless.
Physical Properties
Spiral Flow @ 175°C 152 cm
Mechanical Properties
Hardness is a dimensionless quantity. There is no direct relationship between measurements in one scale and their equivalent in another scale or another hardness test.
Durometer (Shore D) 80
Curing Conditions
Curing Schedule
Curing Schedule
Curing schedule is the time and temperature required for a mixed material to fully cure. While this applies to materials that cure with heat, there are also other materials that can be cured with UV.

Even though some materials can cure on ambient temperatures, others will require elevated temperature conditions to properly cure.

There are various curing schedules depending on the material type and application. For heat curing, the most common ones are Snap cure, Low temperature cure, Step cure and Staged cure.

Recommended cure type, schedule, time and temperature can always be found on the Technical data sheets.
Cure Time 2-3 min
Mold Temperature 175-185 °C
Transfer Pressure 90-110 Kg/mm2
Transfer Time 5-10 s

Additional Information

Where does this fit in the cleaning and conditioning process?

Conditioning with wax compounds or sheets are the two final steps of the cleaning process.

  1. Remove mold stains, and recover the cleanliness of mold die surface 
  2. Decompose mold stains, by the effects of dissolving, wrapping and grinding 
  3. Reduce the adhesion of mold stain to metal surface, by cleaning agents
  4. Wrap and remove mold stains by polymer cross linking at high temperature Cleaning
  5. Recover the release ability of mold die for molding compounds
  6. Spread a thin and lasting layer of releasing agent (wax)


Manufacturing capabilities

Product specifications (pellet size and weight) Appearance Diameter (mm) Weight (gr) Height (mm)
13*3.5 Grey 13 3.3~3.7 13~15.0
13*4.0 Grey 13 3.8~4.2 15.4~17.0
13*4.5 Grey 13 4.5~4.8 18.2~20.0
13*5.0 Grey 13 4.8~5.2 19.7~22.9
14*4.5 Grey 14 4.3~4.7 15.4~17.0
14*5.0 Grey 14 4.8~5.2 16.8~18.4
14*5.5 Grey 14 5.3~5.7 18.8~20.0
14*5.9 Grey 14 5.7~6.1 20.1~21.7
14*6.5 Grey 14 6.3~6.7 22.0~23.6
14*7.0 Grey 14 6.8~7.2 23.8~25.4
14*7.6 Grey 14 7.4~7.8 26.1~27.7
16*6.5 Grey 16 6.3~6.7 17.0~18.6
16*7.0 Grey 16 6.8~7.2 18.1~19.7
16*8.0 Grey 16 7.8~8.2 21.2~22.8
16*8.2 Grey 16 8.0~8.4 21.7~23.3
16*8.6 Grey 16 8.4~8.8 23.0~24.6
16*9.0 Grey 16 8.8~9.2 23.7~25.3
16*10 Grey 16 9.7~10.3 26.9~28.5
16*11 Grey 16 10.0~11.0
18*10 Grey 18 10.2~10.5 ~23.3
18*12 Grey 18 11.7~12.3 25.5~27.1
18*12.4 Grey 18 12.2~12.8 26.0~27.6
18*14 Grey 18 13.7~14.3 29.8~31.4