PIT1N-C | 1-mil Clear Polyimide (Kapton) Film

Harmonization Code : 3919.90.80.99 |   Polyacrylic plates / sheets / film / tape / strip, self-adhesive, in rolls
Main features
  • 1mil Optically Clear Polyimide
  • No Adhesive
  • 6000 V Breakdown Voltage

Product Description

LINQTAPE PIT1N-C is a Clear Kapton, Polyimide film whose high-performance, flexible, high-temperature resistant polyimide film is used for many high-temperature applications. Polyimide is preferred over polyester for many high temperature applications. These applications include but are not limited to semiconductor, smartcard, electronic, automotive and general manufacturing industries.

LINQTAPE PIT1N-C optically clear polyimide film is made from high-quality polyimide resin, which provides excellent mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties. This film is extremely durable and can withstand high temperatures up to 400°C without compromising its optical clarity or performance.

The optically clear nature of this film makes it perfect for use in applications where visual clarity is essential. Its transparency allows for good light transmission, making it an excellent choice for displays, touchscreens, and other optical components. Additionally, the film's high clarity makes it a suitable option for use in optical sensors and imaging systems, where precise visual information is critical. Beyond its optical properties, our optically clear polyimide film also provides excellent thermal stability, making it ideal for use in high-temperature environments. Its thermal conductivity is excellent, which allows it to dissipate heat effectively, making it an excellent option for thermal management applications.

LINQTAPE PIT1N-C is available in a range of thicknesses, widths, and lengths to meet your specific application needs. It is easy to handle, cut, and process, making it a versatile option for a wide range of industrial and consumer applications.

Product Family
508 mm
- mm

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Technical Specifications

General Properties
The color
Total Thickness
Total Thickness
Total thickness is taking into account all the films, coatings, adhesives, release liners and special layers and is the maximum thickness of a film or tape.
25.4 μm
Electrical Properties
Breakdown Voltage
Breakdown Voltage
Breakdown voltage is the minimum voltage necessary to force an insulator to conduct some amount of electricity.
It is the point at which a material ceases to be an insulator and becomes a resistor that  conducts electricity at some proportion of the total current. 

After dielectric breakdown, the material may or may not behave as an insulator any more because of the molecular structure alteration. The current flow tend to create a localised puncture that totally alters the dielectric properties of the material.

This electrical property is thickness dependent and is the maximum amount of voltage that a dielectric material can withstand before breaking down. The breakdown voltage is calculated by multiplying the dielectric strength of the material times the thickness of the film.
6000 V
Mechanical Properties
Elongation is the process of lengthening something.

It is a percentage that measures the initial, unstressed, length compared to the length of the material right before it breaks.

It is commonly referred to as Ultimate Elongation or Tensile Elongation at break.
40 %