RCS 620 | Rubber Cleaning Sheets

Harmonization Code : 4005.91.00.00 |   Compounded rubber, unvulcanized, in primary forms or in plates, sheets or strip: Plates, sheets, and strip
Main features
  • No leadframe or preheat
  • Excellent effectiveness
  • For cavities and air vents

Product Description

CHEMLINQ RCS 620 is a rubber cleaning sheet,  used for the thorough cleaning of thermosetting transfer mold. RCS 620 displays exceptional reliability and is used for semiconductor applications. Due to it is flexible and versatile nature it can be used in a wide range of semiconductor packages. It doesn't require preheating or leadframe and has excellent releasing properties, regardless of package size. It has been successfully used in micropackages and it is the main reason it has been developed.

CHEMLINQ RCS 620 is mainly used to clean mold cavities, air vents, cavities gates and the mold surface in a single step. Its fast cure allows for a very clean and efficient cleaning process with short and one-step cycles. With almost nonexistent odor and excellent pressure resistance, it is an efficient and vfm solution for cleaning tiny mold cavities in a simple and effective way. It has a mild alkaline pH and is not water soluble.

Product Family
10 mm
230 mm

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Technical Specifications

Additional Information


  • Place strips on the mold. Strip quantity depends on the mold dimension.
  • Clamp the mold and compress to fill all the cavities
  • Recommended cure time for 170°C is 2-5minutes. Cure time depends on the mold temperature.
  • Do not clamp with excessive pressure or cure too much (ie more than 10 minutes). Release properties might be affected.
  • Repeat until you achieve the required cleaning result. Typically 3 to 6 shots are requires, depending on the mold temperature.

Storage and packaging

These rubber sheets should be kept in room temperature. Their shelf life in these storage conditions is 9months.

They are packaged in PE bags and come in 10Kg (net) boxes. The exact width is not stated since the sheets can be arrayed for the application and width is adjusted to the box size to accommodate the net weight.

Use RCS620 within 48 hours after opening the bag. Excessive moisture may affect the performance.



It is recommended to use the sheets in a well ventilated area. Your skin should not come in contact with them when the rubber is hot and you should avoid storing them at temperatures above 30°C.