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Roll Calculator

Roll Diameter, Circumference and Weight Calculator

Need to know how big that roll is going to be? Want to know if your people can carry it or whether it will fit on the stock shelf? Simply enter the values on the left and click "Calculate". The answers pop-out on the right

Select Units:     US/Imperial              Metric
Input Values
Roll Length : feet
  i.e 99 (33 yards)  
Material Thickness : mil
  1 mil = 0.001"  
Roll Width : inches
  ie. 1 or 36  
Material Density : lbs/ft3
  Unsure? Use 67.4  
Outer diameter core : inches
  Unsure? Use 3  
Core weight : lbs/ft
  Unsure? Use 1.34  
Output Values
Diameter Roll : inches
Circumference Roll : inches
Weight Roll : lbs
No. of Layers : layers