LINQCELL SFP 250 | Stainless Steel Sintered Fiber Felt

Main features
  • 0.25mm - 250um - 9.8mils
  • Durable and reliable
  • Prefiltration support

Product Description

LINQCELL SFP250 is a versatile 250μm Stainless Steel Fiber Felt designed to meet rigorous quality standards. Crafted through a meticulous process of randomly laying short stainless steel fibers, followed by sintering and bonding, it stands as a robust and efficient filtration solution.

LINQCELL SFP250 excels in applications that demand durability and reliability under harsh conditions, including high pressure, elevated temperatures, and corrosive environments. Its multiple layers of stainless steel fibers can be compressed to the desired thickness, ensuring consistent performance and an extended lifespan.


SFP250's fine pore sizes and flexibility make it ideal for various applications:

  • Filtration in refining processes
  • Pre-filtration in ultrafiltration operations
  • Purification of liquids in the petroleum, food and beverage, biological, and pharmaceutical industries
  • Support for filter membranes
  • Heat exchange applications
  • Filtration of viscose rayon
Product Family
20 x 20 cm

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Technical Specifications

General Properties
Total Thickness
Total Thickness
Total thickness is taking into account all the films, coatings, adhesives, release liners and special layers and is the maximum thickness of a film or tape.
250 μm