Sn10Pb90 | High melting point Solder Spheres

Main features
  • Medium Solidus/Liquidus transition
  • High Liquidus temperature (301°C)
  • Ideal for automotive applications

Product Description

LINQALLOY Sn10Pb90 is a high lead containing solder sphere alloy. Even though the world is moving away from Lead for consumer electronics, there are still applications that cannot be supported with Lead Free alternatives due to their high operating temperatures. For those limited cases, we offer the Sn10Pb90 solder spheres that have an extremely high melting temperature. Industries like automotive and manufacturing need to rely on these solutions until a fully qualified and functional alternative is developed.


  • Melting Temperature range 301°C 
  • Ideal for High operating temperature applications
  • 10°C transition range


Each jar has a clear label on the lid specifying the solder ball diameter as well as a label on the front identifying the alloy type, the quantity of spheres in the jar, the date of manufacture, and the product lot (or batch) number. This batch number is tied to a certificate of conformance that is also provided with the solder spheres and ensures the Sn10Pb90 solder spheres meet the following quality criteria:

  • Tin (Sn): 10%
  • Lead(Pb): 90%
  • Melting Temperature: 268 - 301°C
  • Spheroid Tolerance : Within 1.5%

Diameter Tolerance

  • 0.65mm - 0.76mm (25-30 mils) : ±0.015mm (±0.6 mils)
Product Family
0.300 mm 0.381 mm 0.508 mm
250 kpcs/jar

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Technical Specifications

General Properties
Alloy Composition
Alloy Composition
Composition of the alloy material
Alloy Type
Alloy Type
A metallic element type
Spheroid Tolerance
Spheroid Tolerance
The allowed % that a solder ball (solder sphere) can divert from being perfectly round and spherical.

We take one lot of solder spheres and divide it into 4 smaller lots. Each lot is then checked with advanced visual inspection systems. If even 1 ball is out of spec, the entire batch is scrapped and reworked!
1.5 %
Metal Loading
Lead (Pb) 90 %
Tin (Sn) 10 %
Thermal Properties
Melting Temperature
Liquidus Melting Temperature
Liquidus Melting Temperature
Liquidus, is the temperature point at which an alloy becomes completely liquid.
301 °C
Solidus Melting Temperature
Solidus Melting Temperature
Solidus is the temperature point at which a completely solid alloy starts melting and becoming softer.
268 °C

Additional Information

What do I get when I buy Sn10Pb90 Eutectic Solder Spheres from CAPLINQ?

The advantage of ordering solder spheres online at is that you can be sure of the quality. The solder spheres you receive are originally manufactured solder spheres packed into jars with inert gas (nitrogen). We do not repack the solder balls we receive, so the jars you will receive have never been opened, thus ensuring the quality of the product. The lid of the jar is also always sealed with a shrink-wrapped plastic wrap ensuring that the solder spheres do not oxidate in the jar.