LINQCELL TFP 500 | 500um Titanium Sintered Fiber Felt

Main features
  • 0.5mm - 500um - 19.6mil
  • Variable Porosity
  • Electrode and Support structure

Product Description

LINQCELL TFP500  Titanium Fiber Paper is a high-performance material meticulously engineered for exceptional strength, precise gas management, and reliable performance in various applications. This 500-micrometer thick titanium fiber paper delivers outstanding durability and efficient gas diffusion.

LINQCELL TFP500 can be produced in multiple porosity structures, ensuring precise control over gas diffusion, reactant distribution, and electrolyte permeation. This makes it an ideal choice for applications that require fine-tuned gas management and efficient performance in electrochemical systems.

Product Family
20 x 20 cm

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Technical Specifications