MEMS, Cameras, Fingerprints

Humidity and temperature sensors

MEMS Sensors


  • Low temperature cure
  • Ultra-low, stable & customized modulus
  • High adhesion on LCP & metal finishes
  • Low outgassing 



ABLESTIK ABP 8142B (to be SIL 3003B) – Silicone based die attach adhesive with ultra low and constant modulus and high adhesion designed for stress sensitive MEMS and Sensor applications

LOCTITE ABLESTIK ICP 4000 / 4001 Ag filled SILICONES running in automotive HVM applications requiring high flexibility over broad temperature range (up to 200°C)

LOCTITE ABLESTIK ICP 4015 modified for temperature sensitive applications (<100ºC cure)

QMI 536NB – Medium modulus and fast curing “No Bleed” dispense paste being widely used for die attach in automotive sensor and finger print applications

QMI 538NB – Lower (100 MPa) modulus version of QMI 536NB being widely used in MEMS microphones from beginning