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Busbar coating materials

Coating powders for busbars and switchgear applications

AIS and GIS substations up to 38KV


Epoxy Coating Powders for Busbar Coating, Switchgear Equipment and High Voltage Fuses

Busbars, material types and the need for busbar insulation

Busbars are metal bars that conducts a substantial current of electricity within a switchboard, distribution board, substation, battery bank or other electrical apparatus. Busbars are most commonly made of copper, aluminum or brass. The biggest disadvantages of copper over aluminum or brass are density and relative cost. For a given current and temperature rise, an aluminium conductor would be lighter and cheaper, even though its cross-section would be larger. Despite this and many attempts to replace it, copper still remains the predominant material choice for busbars.

Busbars are typically split into three families:

Low & medium voltage busbars are coated with an epoxy coating powder to provide electrical insulation and to reduce air spacing between busbars. This allows for safer, more efficient designs of switchgear equipment. CAPLINQ has partnered with CAPLINQ Inc., to develop, market and distribute epoxy coating powders for power distribution. CAPLINQ epoxy coating powders for busbars reduce the minimum busbar spacing requirement and are equally well suited for aluminum and copper busbars.

CAPLINQ provides Industry Proven Epoxy Coating Powders for Busbars and other High Voltage Applications

For many years CAPLINQ has supplied a range of epoxy coating powders developed for medium voltage (600V – 38,000V) bus bar and switch gear applications. CAPLINQ is one of the few epoxy coating powder manufacturers with "switch panel-rated" material, meaning that their epoxy coating powders are qualified for use in Power Distribution Switch Boards. Given the critical nature of the application, the time and costs involved to pass UL-certification, major Power Management Companies reply on CAPLINQ and their family of UL-listed epoxy coating powders. All the products offered by CAPLINQ for busbar applications are UL-listed.

CAPLINQ offer epoxy coating powders that are specifically tailored for busbars, switchgear equipment, high voltage applications and other power distribution applications. Key material properties of CAPLINQ's epoxy coating powders are:

  • Powders that build to 5mm thickness for medium voltage
  • Flexible powders for compact, low voltage distribution
  • Smooth, uniform thickness for easy close-stack assembly
  • Superior adhesion to copper or aluminum busbar
  • Rapid build-rate improves cycles time and productivity
  • Productivity and technical support
  • Fine grinds to make-up particle size distribution
  • Fluidizing aid to ensure uniform coverage
  • Fluid Bed analysis to optimize quality, productivity & bed life
  • Economical formulations enable flexible, one-powder, low & medium voltage manufacturing solutions