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Busbar coating materials

Coating powders for busbars and switchgear applications

AIS and GIS substations up to 38KV

Low voltage

Low Voltage Busbar Basics

Low voltage busbars are used primary in switchgear equipment for residential or industrial use. The switchgear equipment may contain single busbar or double busbars, and the types of switchgear may be solid-, air-, or gas-insulated. In all cases, the rated voltage of low voltage switchgear does not exceed 690 Vac. Though this is high voltage compared to the outlets in your house, these are still quite low voltages compared to the 12kV to 38kV used in medium voltage busbar applications. In these case, the thickness of the epoxy coating used is much, much less than for medium voltage busbars. The purpose of the epoxy coating powder is the same however: to insulate the busbars from each other and to prevent dangerous arcing faults.

Parameters considered for epoxy coating powders for low voltage busbars include:

  • Can the epoxy coating powder be applied in a thin enough layer in order to optimize the cost/performance of low voltage applications?
  • Can the epoxy coating powder be used in an outdoor environment or for outdoor applications?
  • Can the epoxy coating powder be made to be flexible to maximum design efficiency and to bend the busbars after coating?

CAPLINQ Epoxy Coating Powders for Low Voltage Busbars and Switchgear Equipment

For many years, CAPLINQ has supplied a range of epoxy coating powders developed for low voltage (up to 690Vac) busbar and switchgear equipment. In the USA, CAPLINQ is one of the few epoxy coating powder suppliers qualified for use in Power Distribution Switch Boards. Given the critical nature of the application, the time and costs involved to pass UL-certification, major Power Management Companies reply on CAPLINQ and their family of UL-listed epoxy coating powders. All the products offered by CAPLINQ for busbar applications are UL-listed.

Four products stand out in the CAPLINQ product line for low voltage busbar applications: DK15-0606, DK15-0907, DK15-0463 DK15-2000E.

The "One Powder Solutions": DK15-0606 Tan and DK15-0907 Red

Changing equipment and changing epoxy coating powders is not a trivial task. If you are manufacturing both low voltage and medium voltage busbars, wouldn't it be great to only have to use one product for both? This is exactly the purpose of these two epoxy coating powders. DK15-0907 Red for Low and Medium Voltage Busbars is a one powder solution in red and DK15-0606 Tan for Low and Medium Voltage Busbars is a tan-colored (some people call it dark beige) powder that is likewise suitable for both low voltage and medium voltage busbars.

Incredible Bed Life Stability & Outdoor Applications: DK15-0463

If you are only making low voltage busbars, nothing beats the bed life stability of the Extremely Bed Stable DK15-0463 for Low Voltage Busbars. It also is a very productive epoxy coating powder, which means that it applies very quickly to the busbar for high yield and fast throughput.

Extremely Flexible & High Dielectric Strength DK15-2000E

Unlike most other epoxy coating powders for power applications, Flexible DK15-2000E Gray for Low Voltage Busbar Applications is a very tough and flexible coating. Though the DK15-2000E only meets the Relative Thermal Index (RTI) value of 105°C (DK19 Red meets an RTI value of 130°C), it has found applications on leaded fuses, axial fuses, busbars that are bent after coating and other applications where flexibility and toughness were the requirements while maintaining a minimum RTI value of 105°C.