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Motor Slot Insulation

CAPLINQ supplies a range of industry standard insulating coating powders that drive the automotive industry.

Industry standard epoxy coating powders

DK7-0953M Coating Powder

Extremely stable, Class F rated insulation epoxy coating powder for electric motor armatures and stators.

Exceptional Shelf-Life at Room Temperature

Epoxy Coating Powders for Slot Insulation of Motor Armatures

Tailor-Made Coating Powders

Over the years, SolEpoxy has developed two important epoxy coating powders. The first epoxy coating powder is used on automotive “enclosure” motors, window lift motors and wiper motors. The second epoxy coating powder was specifically developed for fuel pumps.

DK7-0953M for Coil Winding Applications

DK7-0953M is a light blue coating powder for rotors and stators within Motor Armatures. This epoxy coating powder is used extensively by one of the biggest suppliers in the world of electric windows, wiper motors, and electric seat adjustments. This epoxy coating powder gives a beautiful result when coating using an Electrostatic Fluidized Bed coating machine. To our knowledge, it has the best edge coverage of all manufacturers of functional coating powders, which is very important for these applications.

DK15EG-05 for Contact with Automotive Fluids

DK15EG-05 is available in either black or green color and is a “solvent resistant” coating for smaller rotors and stators. This epoxy coating powder was tailor-made for a major, Tier 1 automotive supplier of car and mini-van fuel pumps. In addition to the excellent edge coverage, the DK15EG-05 is resistant against a range of automotive fluids including gasahol. It can also be used as an alternative to DK7-0953M if customers need specifically a black- or green-colored epoxy coating powder.

Epoxy Coating Powders for Slot Insulation
General Specific Application Epoxy Coating Powder
DK7-0953M DK15EG-05 DK15-02
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Automotive Motor Armatures, Stators and Rotors Fuel Pumps
Wiper Motors
Window Lifts, Automotive Enclosures, Roof Enclosures
Product Properties
Outstanding chemical resistance, including motor oil, fuel, etc.
100% solids content (VOC-free)
Excellent cut-through resistance
High service temperatures (RTI 105 C minimum)
Both induction cure and oven cure chemistries
Reduced cost vs. traditional slot liners
Green (free of halogens and no bromine, antimony, or phosphorous)
Superior edge coverage
High stable heat resistance
High protection against Solvents (flex fuel – unleaded gasoline and methanol)
High thickness in powder building
Superior dielectric insulation properties
Powder colour
RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant
Application Method
Electrostatic Fluidized Bed ■■■■ ■■■■ □□□□
Induction Coil Curing ■■■□ ■■■□ ■■□□
Blow Coating □□□□ □□□□ ■■■■

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Epoxy Coating Powders vary widely in their composition and application. Epoxy Coating Powders can be used for coil windings, toroids and powder cores, capacitors, resistors and varistors, busbars and switchgears or other applications that require electrical insulation. Use our Epoxy Coating Powder selector tool to help you choose the right epoxy coating powder for your application.

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